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Stained Glass Portfolio


Approximately 3" x 11" each. Variety of colors and textures

Sweet Nectar

18x27 Framed in reclaimed barnwood


19x10 holding an antique key and crystal leaf. Framed in whitewashed antique cathedral frame.


31x19 framed in antique hardwood frame

Owl with a moon behind it

Dorothy. 16x20 framed in reclaimed barnwood

Abstract Peacock



16x20 framed in vintage wood window frame


16x20 stylized deer with 3D ornaments and jewels adorning antlers

Abstract Window

13x8 window for front door

Yellow Spirit Feather
Sol Shine

16" round framed in oak

Key to the Crown

16" around. Stylized owl with antique key and metal crown

La Luna Sierra

16x20 framed in reclaimed barnwood

Northern Lights

20x20 framed in reclaimed barwood


16x20 framed in reclaimed barnwood

Moonlight Hunt

16x30 Framed in reclaimed vintage window frame with original hardware

Blue Butterfly
Ocellus Moth
Purple Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
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