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Susi Bains | Owl Moon Studios

I'm a stained glass artist based in California's Eastern Sierra and in Montana's Flathead Valley. My work is deeply inspired by nature and the great outdoors that I am lucky enough to live in and explore.

My art studio is my happy place, and being able to share my work with others brings me much joy. Most of my work is stained glass art, but I occasionally create and sell other types of work. Please check back often to see new work that has been added.

A photo of the shadow cast by a stained glass art butterfly against a white background

Why I Create Stained Glass Art

I grew up in a family of painters, woodworkers, and textile artists, so creating art was always encouraged and supported. Throughout my life I have dabbled in charcoals, oils, watercolors, and textile art, all of which were self-taught or guided by members of my family.

As a child, I remember being captivated by the beauty of stained glass windows. The intensity of color, the shadows, and textures always attracted me. I was also fascinated with glass blowing, and loved watching the glass artisans at local fairs create their magic. In my late 20s, I took a community workshop to learn the basics of building leaded glass windows. I instantly fell in love with the process and have been committed to the craft ever since.

A close-up view of blue, green and yellow stained glass creating a textured background pattern

My Life Outside of Art

I'm blessed to have two careers -- my art and my work with SHINE, a nonprofit organization that assists underserved people in my community and also provides public education focused on mental health first aid.

I love living in the mountains and every season that mountain life has to offer. I am happiest when I'm outside, no matter the weather. I hike, paddleboard, and kayak in the summer, and I ski and snowshoe in the winter.


I have homes in California's Eastern Sierra and Montana's Flathead Valley, and am blessed to be able to spend time in each of those magical landscapes. Many of my ideas and inspiration for the art that I create are born from the nature and beauty that abounds in each of these areas.  

My husband, Jeff, and I happily share our life adventures with our two pups -- Hula, a chocolate lab, and MookieB, a fluffy Bijon -- and an adopted parakeet, Valentino.

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